Mackerel Fishing Aboard
The Dolly P.

From May till October, St Ives Bay is visited by vast shoals of Mackerel moving to the natural flow of the ebbing and flooding tides in a
North-East and South-West direction


The Mackerel are the main catch of the small St Ives fishing fleet and Cornish Mackerel are landed daily on the harbour-side for distribution throughout the country. Strict rules for the conservation of fish, mean that professional fishermen use hand-lines for catching the Mackerel, a traditional method of fishing and a skill passed down through generations of St Ives fishermen.

Mackerel is an oily fish, high in Omega 3 and Vitamin B12. Easy to cook, Mackerel can be barbecued, grilled, fried, poached or oven-baked. Mackerel with it’s unique strong taste makes a healthy, tasty, appetising meal.

St Ives Boats offers both 1½ and 2 Hour Mackerel fishing trips using traditional hand-lines, which is a great introduction to fishing for youngsters or novices and a fun expedition for those with more experience.

The trip to Seal island, aboard Dolly P, lasts around one hour and is suitable for all ages.

• Adult £20.00 for 1½ Hour Trip

• Child £20.00 for 1½ Hour Trip

Departures are from St Ives Harbour.
Phone us on 0777 300 8000 to book your places.

Fishing Trips in Cornwall

Mmmm… Mackerel for tea.


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Wreck & Reef Fishing Aboard
The Dolly P.

The Dolly P is the first boat for several years to offer Wreck and Reef Fishing Trips from the harbour at St Ives. Having a turbo-charged 350hp engine, Dolly P is able to quickly reach the wrecks which scatter the North Cornwall coast, thanks in part to the diligence of
U-Boats in WW2.


Our first Wreck and Reef Fishing trips were in 2009, skippered by Greg Hill, whose knowledge of local waters is exceptional. Aided by Greg’s local knowledge and the pinpoint accuracy of GPS, each trip was to a different wreck and each trip proved to be popular and successful.

Since then, our sea angling trips combine reef fishing and drifts over wrecks to maximise catching opportunities.

Our 2013 / 14 catches included:.
• Cod
• Haddock
• Pollock
• Red Gurnard
• Grey Gurnard
• Bull Huss
• John Dory
• Mackerel
• Ling
• Tope
• DogFish
• Squid
• And These Two Beauties
Fishing trips in Cornwall


Bait used was a mixture of live sand eels, jelly eels, lures and mackerel slices.


Although licensed to carry 12 Passengers, we limit our wreck fishing trips to 10 persons and early booking is essential.

We supply rods, tackle and bait, experience is not necessary

Departures are from St Ives Harbour.
Phone us on 0777 300 8000 to book your places.

Four Hour Trips Cost £45.00

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