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St Ives Boats, offer boat trips from the harbour at St Ives, whether it be seal watching at Seal Island, trips across the bay to the famous Godrevy Lighthouse and Hell’s Mouth, a couple of hours mackerel fishing, four hourswreck fishing, bird watching or private charters to do as you wish, plus many more...


Private Charters...

Our boat, Dolly P , is fully licensed to carry 12 passengers and we are pleased to accept private charters to fulfill your preferred requirements.


As well as the advertised trips, we are happy to accommodate your exact excursion wishes. Our boat trips are a popular choice for Hen Parties or Stag parties, birthday celebrations, children’s parties and Sea Safaris for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers.

Over the years, St Ives Boats have been a popular choice with film and television crews, estate agents and surveyors. We are also the favoured choice of Virginia Woolf aficionados for their annual excursion “To The Lighthouse”.

Dolly P is a stable, seaworthy workhorse with a large covered deck area, inside seating, toilet facilities and a friendly adaptable crew, keen to exceed your expectations.

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By private chartering the Dolly P , you know that the boat and crew are at your disposal to meet your exact needs at an affordable rate.

Ashes Scattering...

When life’s journey is over, St Ives Boats offer an extra special way to say goodbye, Ashes scattering at sea in St Ives Bay.


Phone for Ashes Scattering Prices.

A celebration of life and a fitting send-off for those with an affinity with the sea or those that had a special love of St Ives, or Cornwall, we offer our Ashes Scattering Service.

We first cruise along to a suitable spot chosen by yourselves or the skipper. After the chosen ceremony, the ashes are scattered into the Atlantic Ocean, to be dispersed with the actions of the tides and currents. The skipper will note the exact GPS coordinates, as you may wish to return to the exact spot in future years.

On return to land, the skipper will sign a certificate of remembrance, with the GPS coordinates noted, as a keepsake

Our Ashes Scattering Service is fast becoming a popular choice and your loved one’s remains will be treated with dignity and compassion.

The ceremony you choose can of course be tailor-made to the wishes of the deceased or the mourners. A period of silence, a reflection on the deceased’s life or a full religious ceremony, the choice is yours. We will also undertake unaccompanied scattering of ashes if you prefer.


As cremation becomes an ever more popular choice, a memorial service at sea is often the preferred method of ashes dispersal and has been the choice of many famous people:

• Ingrid Bergman • Jerry Garcia • Mahatma Gandhi
• Edmund Hillary • Alfred Hitchcock • Rock Hudson
• Janis Joplin • Gene Kelly • John F Kennedy(jnr)
• Steve McQueen • Veronica Lake • Peter Lawford
• Robert Mitchum • Vincent Price • H.G.Wells.




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