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5 Great St Ives Boat Trips For Your Cornish Holiday

5 Great St Ives Boat Trips For Your Cornish Holiday: Mike Laity, St Ives Boats.

1)The Atlantic Grey Seal

Around half of the Grey Seal’s global population are found near the British coast so we often encounter Seals on our boat trips. The Grey Seal breed from around September to December, the females give birth to a single pup amongst hundreds and sometimes even thousands of other seals. Although this means that tourists do tend to miss the baby seals, you will still get to see young seals in the spring.


2) Dolphins

We have three species of Dolphin in Cornwall, the Common Dolphin, the Bottlenose Dolphins and the Risso’s Dolphins. As the name suggests, the common dolphin is the species you are most likely to encounter. These dolphins live in groups called pods and a pod includes around 20 dolphins.

Dolphins are very sociable aminals, so they tend to interact with passengers, our boat trips are your best chance at getting up-close with them.


3) Godrevy Lighthouse

One of our largest attractions is the Godrevy Lighthouse. We see artist and aficionados quite frequently, they are particularly interested in our gorgeous landmark. Here’s a quick fact about the lighthouse. The Godrevy Lighthouse hasn’t always been on Godrevy Island, there was a time when ships had to sail that stretch of the sea without help and protection from the lighthouse.


Godrevy Lighthouse St Ives


4)Private Boat Hire

If you want to do something a little different why not hire a private charter? We’re licensed to carry up to 12 passengers, day and night. We offer charters for both commercial and pleasure purposes. We can host film and TV crews, surveyors and estate agents, children’s parties, anniversary celebrations and much, much more. Our fantastic trips take you face to face with our stunning array of wildlife and up close and personal with Cornwall’s unique heritage.

Dolly P Private Boat Hire

5)Historic Lifeboat trips

Historic boat trips around St.Ives Bay. Aboard the former St.Ives Lifeboat. This Historic Sailing and Rowing lifeboat was built in 1899.

St.Ives lifeboat was in use for 33 years, from 1900 to 1933. Within her 33 years of service, she helped save 227 people and 2 dogs.

James Stevens No 10

Our plans for the historic and life-saving boat are to restore, refit and re-engine her, then get her license to carry passengers again. She will then offer historic passenger trips around St.Ives Bay.  Coming 2020 Season

Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity, Book your boat trip today!

Witness the Seal Island, see the village and the surrounding attractions and enjoy the view of the Godrevy Lighthouse. book your boat trip today!

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