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Seal Island

Seal Island (Western Carracks) lies 3½ miles (4.8km) west of St Ives, along the rocky Cornish coastline. This rocky outcrop, near Zennor, is home to a colony of Grey Atlantic Seals, where they feel safe, protected from predators and the forces of the Atlantic Ocean.


Godrevy Lighthouse

Along the way keep lookout for the local wildlife. Dolphin sightings have become more frequent as both common and bottlenose dolphins pass the bay. A wide array of sea birds are seen and less often sharks and even whales are spotted.


Private Charters in St Ives

Licensed to carry up to 12 passengers, day and night, we offer charters for both commercial and pleasure purposes. We have hosted film and TV crews, surveyors and estate agents, childrens parties, anniversary celebrations and much, much more.


Mackerel Fishing In St Ives

Our favoured spots off Porthmeor Beach or The Island offer a great opportunity to experience sea fishing in a rich environment and you can keep what you catch so make sure your recipes are ready!.


Ashes Scattering in St Ives

We first cruise along to a suitable spot chosen by yourselves or the skipper. After the chosen ceremony, the ashes are scattered into the Atlantic Ocean, to be dispersed with the actions of the tides and currents.

Phone: 0777 300 8000
St Ives Boats (Dolly P) Outside the Lifeboat Station Wharf Road St Ives TR26 1LF