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Godrevy Lighthouse

Facts about Godrevy Lighthouse & Beach

Godrevy lighthouse in St Ives Bay

If you’ve done some research about ST Ives, you’ll want to visit Godrevy. This article aims to answer a few of the most common questions that the St Ives Boats team get asked about the Island and its attractions.

Godrevy Lighthouse

The iconic Godrevy Lighthouse stands sentinel on a small rocky islet located approximately 3.5 miles off the north Cornish coastline. The lighthouse was erected in 1858-1859 by Trinity House following a devastating shipwreck in 1854. Its flashing white light and continuous fog signal became a critical beacon, alerting mariners to the presence of the treacherous Stones Reef.

Importance of the Lighthouse in St Ives and Cornwall

Godrevy Lighthouse has become synonymous with the rugged and breathtaking coastline of Cornwall, particularly the area around St Ives. Not only does it provide navigational safety, but its sheer beauty has made it a focal point for artists and photographers. Immortalized by the novelist Virginia Woolf in her novel ‘To the Lighthouse’, the lighthouse continues to inspire and captivate visitors and locals alike.

Can You Get to The Lighthouse?

Although it’s not possible to walk to the Lighthouse as it stands on its own island, St Ives Boats offers Sea Safari trips that offer a fantastic view of this landmark. The trip out to the lighthouse also offers the opportunity to see the incredible wildlife that calls this stretch of the Cornish coast.

Boat Trips to Godrevy Lighthouse

St Ives Boats runs a service that departs from the beautiful harbour of St Ives, taking visitors on an unforgettable journey along the coastline to Godrevy. The trips run regularly throughout the summer, with the duration and route dependent on weather conditions and tide times.

Surf Report and Tide Times

Godrevy Beach is a popular spot for surfers, with a consistent break making it ideal for both beginners and seasoned surfers. It’s essential to check the surf report and tide times before visiting to ensure conditions are safe. High tide can limit the amount of beach available, but during low tide, the expanse of golden sands is a true joy to explore.

Godrevy Seals and Wildlife

One of the most thrilling experiences of any Lighthouse boat trip is the opportunity to witness the local seals. These beautiful creatures often bask on the rocks surrounding the lighthouse, offering a wonderful spectacle for visitors. Along with seals, keen birdwatchers may catch sight of the rare choughs in the area, a species that has made a remarkable comeback in recent years.

Godrevy Cornwall: A Must-Visit Location

From the charm of St Ives to the dramatic scenery of Godrevy and its wildlife, this stretch of Cornwall is a must-visit location for any traveller. Whether it’s the call of the surf, the chance to spot seals and choughs, or the fascination of the historic Godrevy Lighthouse, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Book your St Ives Boat Trip

Don’t miss the chance to explore the beauty of Godrevy Lighthouse and its surroundings. Embark on an unforgettable journey with St Ives Boats aboard the Dolly P. Book your boat trip now and experience the true magic of Cornwall’s wild, windswept beauty. Feel the salty sea spray on your face, watch the seals bask in the sun, and experience the awe-inspiring sight of Godrevy Lighthouse up close. You won’t be disappointed!

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