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Questions About Boat Trips in St Ives

We have tried to make your experience with St Ives boats as easy as possible. Here are the most frequent questions we get asked:

There isn’t a best time of day, seeing seals depends much more on weather, tide and sea state but they are generally quite predictable in the types of locations they like to feed and rest and it is rare we won’t spot some.

No, we generally won’t cancel just for rain if the wind is light. Wind and swell are the two main factors for cancelling due to weather conditions.

Our small part of the Atlantic Ocean has many varied species of resident wildlife and is also visited by some of the world’s most impressive creatures. Common and Bottlenose dolphins reside within the waters and other species such as Risso Dolphins and Pilot Whales (actually a species of dolphin) have been seen on our trips. Occasionally a Minke Whale, Tuna, Ocean Sunfish or other might make an appearance. Fin Whales, Humpback Whales and Orca may all appear off the coast but generally not in our boat trip season although all have been seen in warmer months so you never know! There are many different species of Sharks in our waters including some of the biggest on the planet.

Yes your dog is more than welcome and at no cost but do be aware that for around 50 metres of Smeatons Pier by the fish landing area your dog would have to be carried to reach one of our departure points (not used on all trips)

Yes. Lifejackets or buoyancy aids are provided for all customers at the check-in office when you arrive prior to your trip. We have additional lifejackets stored on board the boat, along with life rafts and all safety equipment required for passenger carrying vessels. 

Yes, please contact us to discuss private charter options for parties of up to 12 people.

Our departure points are both from St Ives Harbour, first, we ask all passengers to check in at our office located on Smeatons Pier by the Harbour Masters office.

No, the island has no landing area, it’s just a beautiful location to sit on the boat and spot wildlife.

We enjoy doing two and four-hour sea safaris although at the moment only by Private Charter. During this time we can visit multiple locations encompassing wildlife, history and some of the UK’s most stunning scenery.

Unfortunately, the harbour isn’t wheelchair friendly and there is no way of getting to one of the departure points without going down some steps. We will try and help as best we can but as a minimum, all passengers need to be able to move up and down at least 3 steps. If you would like to come but are unsure about boarding do contact us and we can discuss the best times of tide to make loading easier, generally high tide would be easiest.

Sorry no, we are a scheduled trip and if you miss your trip we cannot offer a refund or free trip. If you think you may be late please let us know as early as possible, if we have enough time to resell your tickets a refund or other trip may be possible.

We ask that you be confident in your movement as you will need to move up and down steps to board the board and potentially move from one boat to another. If you feel you’re happy with your movement then we’re more than happy to take you.

Why Choose St Ives Boats?

St Ives Boats have been running boat trips along the St Ives coastline for over 20 years.
Our experience and local Wildlife knowledge are second to none.

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