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Our crews are some of the most experienced around and have sailed the world from the Arctic to the Pacific and everywhere in between! They include RNLI LIfeboat crew, an RNLI mechanic, a former commercial diver, former commercial fishermen and a marine mammal medic!

Mike Laity

Mike L

Born and bred in St Ives Mike L (also known as Skipper Mike) first started Seal Island trips in the 80s and has vast experience of the Atlantic Coast of West Cornwall.

From sailing (and indeed building) traditional Cornish Luggers to working on superyachts as an engineer in the Caribbean Mike has been there and done it when it comes to seafaring, including crossing the Atlantic Ocean multiple times, even under wind power!

The vast experience that Mike brings to our safaris ensures the highest levels of safety and maintenance of our boats and equipment giving you every confidence of our commitment to the best and safest experience possible.
Mike is a volunteer member of St Ives Lifeboat Crew and RNLI All Weather Lifeboat mechanic.

Mike H

Born in the Midlands but largely raised in the Lake District on Lake Windermere Mike H (also known as Medic Mike) had his first boat (a leaky wooden skiff) shared with his elder brother at around 7 years old leading to a love of everything on and underwater.

Always happiest outdoors, Mike developed a passion for nature and has varied wildlife experiences from bears and wolves in the wilds of Canada to whales and sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.

Mike trained as a marine mammal medic with British Divers Marine Life Rescue and volunteers as an on-call medic. During your safari, Mike is on hand to share his vast knowledge of the ocean, and wildlife and his dedication to ocean conservation.

Mike is a volunteer member of St Ives Lifeboat Crew.

Mike H
Dramatic views of Godrevy Lighthouse


St Ives born and raised Ian has spent over 40 years on the water from working punts to 25 years of commercial fishing and now many years operating all sorts of tourist trips.

With knowledge of every bay and cove on the coast Ian has a wealth of expertise on seasonal fishing spots and a plethora of stories to entertain.

A well known face among the seafarers of St Ives, Ian is the owner and skipper of The Little Mermaid.


The very definition of an old Seadog Dougie has worked the oceans of the world as a commercial diver and commercial fisherman and yet has over 40 years of experience on the Cornish coast. 

He has worked charter boats since the 80’s and retains a passion for angling, wildlife and especially history making him the perfect companion for a tour to Godrevy Island. With its wealth of history including shipwrecks and rescues you’ll enjoy a fascinating experience.

leatherback turtle


Already an experienced and qualified skipper Sam commands our transfer boats when the tide is out and manages loading and unloading when we work alongside the harbour wall.

Skipper qualified since 2019 Sam also holds a marine biology degree and has a wide range of marine life knowledge. He has travelled far and wide contributing to research projects and is known for his speciality in European Eels.


Yes, there is a Dolly the person and a Dolly the boat. 

Dolly manages our booking office and organises trips and check ins, she’ll meet you at the check in office to get you through your safety briefing, it will generally be Dolly to answer the phone if you call.

The name is not a coincidence and it’s a story that begins over 400 years ago! In the late 1600’s a lady was born in Mousehole by the name of Dolly Pentreath, for many years she was known to be one of the last native Cornish speakers.

Mike L and his family are descendants of Dolly Pentreath, in the 80s with his father, Mike helped to build “The Dolly Pentreath”, a famous Cornish Lugger. Later Mike had a daughter and in continuing the tradition named her Dolly. When the new boat arrived naming was an easy choice and Dolly P was commissioned.


grey seal
Common Octopus


A St Ives resident from one of the most well known fishing families Sally’s face and voice are synonomous with a “trip to sea the seals”.

With a rich history of fishing, lifeboat service and passenger trips Sally’s family have operated boats from the harbour in many capacities over many years.

You can find Sally outside the Lifeboat station where you can find out our latest schedule and availability to buy the tickets for your trip. 

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St Ives Boats have been running boat trips along the St Ives coastline for over 20 years. Our experience and local Wildlife knowledge are second to none.

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