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Dolly P travelling along the Cornish coastline

Dolly P

One of the most well known Cornish safari boats Dolly takes thousands of passengers to sea each year. 

First designed way back in the 70s the Lochin Marine 33 is a superb sea going vessel, adapted by the RNLI to become the Brede class of all weather lifeboats. 

The classic hull design remains incredibly capable today and is just about all that has been retained of the original boat, Dolly is now one of the most modern equipped boats in service. Refitted in 2024 with a brand new eco engine, gearbox and mechanics she carries state of the art RADAR, Infrared cameras, underwater cameras and auto stability system to name a few additions. 

On deck passengers have access to digital chart screens and cameras to enhance the safari experience.

Little Mermaid

A newer addition to the fleet of Cornish trip boats, meet Little Mermaid – a true marvel born at the Southampton boat show in 1999 under the name Millennium. A 36ft Corvette bullet designed for offshore use and mostly as a sport fishing and charter boat. When Ian took the helm, he gave her a new identity as the Little Mermaid.

In 2022 and 2023 Little Mermaid has undergone impressive upgrades, including a new engine and auto stability system that makes it one of the fastest boats in St. Ives Harbour, matching her sleek racing style lines.


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St Ives Boats have been running boat trips along the St Ives coastline for over 20 years. Our experience and local Wildlife knowledge are second to none.

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