Sea Safari Boat Trips - St Ives.

Seal Island or Godrevy

The St Ives Sea Safari Trip

A Sea safari boat trip to Seal Island or Godrevy Island is one of the most popular Outdoor activities to do whilst in St Ives, Cornwall.

Depending on the weather conditions on the day of your trip, St Ives Boats will either head West from the harbour into the Atlantic towards  Lands End where we soon pass St Ives landmarks such as The Island, St Ives Head, Porthmeor Beach and the Tate gallery. Our boat trip, “five points West” is approximately 3.5 miles following the rugged Cornish cliffs, coast path and coves onward to the shore of Seal Island.

Alternatively, just over 3 miles to the East of St Ives is Godrevy Island with its famous lighthouse and its own colony of Atlantic Grey Seals, a trip that takes us out across the bay through the deeper waters.

Along the way keep a lookout for the local wildlife in its natural habitat. Dolphin sightings have become more frequent as both common and bottlenose dolphins pass the bay. A wide array of seabirds are seen and sometimes sharks and even Whales are spotted.

Seal island boasts an inlet allowing the boat to enter astern and allow close viewing of the Atlantic Grey Seal colony in the most natural of habitats, at Godrevy we circle the island spotting seals, seabirds and possibly more! We stay for around 15 minutes before beginning the journey back to St Ives.

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Looking after st ives bay wildlife

We are an accredited wildlife safe operator (WISe Scheme) in St Ives Bay and our sea safari crew includes a British Divers Marine Life Rescue marine mammal medic who volunteers in a rescue role working with dolphins, whales, seals and much more. Read more about this on our blog.

Wildlife seen from the Dolly P Boat

St Ives Sea Safari Gallery

Why Choose St Ives Boats?

St Ives Boats have been running boat trips along the St Ives coastline for over 20 years. Our experience and local Wildlife knowledge are second to none.

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