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St Ives – Why Tourists Love it

St Ives Cornwall- Why Tourists Love it: Mike Laity, St Ives Boats

St Ives Cornwall – Tourists Love It

Type St Ives Uk or St Ives England into Google and you are likely to be presented with a range of information about St Ives in Cornwall.  Our St Ives. You might be surprised to learn that our Cornish Town isn’t the only St Ives in The World, or even in the UK.  Our closest namesake is in Cambridgeshire, England, and then there are two St Ives in Australia and even one in Canada.

But back to our Cornish home, which is so very well known throughout the world as a fantastic tourist destination.

St Ives takes its name from an Irish Princess, (St Ia) who, in mythology, floated across the Irish Sea on a leaf and landed at St Ive’s which is situated on the South West tip of England.

Our thriving Cornish town started life small fishing community.   In Medieval times the harbour area was expanded and this led to a growth in the town as more fishermen could easily bring home their catch. Even back then, fishermen made a living catching mackerel, pilchards and herring. fish that are still popular today.

As the fishing industry grew, so did the town itself, developing into an intricate maze of narrow cobbled streets known as the ‘Downalong’ which winds around the St Ives Harbour.

Like so many towns throughout England St Ives has changed its name over the years being first St Ias, then Saynt Iyes and finally St Ives that we all know today.

St Ives is A Traditional Cornish Town

St Ives Cornwall is a traditional Cornish coastal town with a fascinating history. It didn’t just grow because of the fishing industry, but also the mining industry, famed for its extraction of Tin and Copper Ores.

St Ives is home to the famous, Trenwith Mine which produced over huge amounts of copper ore in the mid 19th century.
Radium, discovered by Marie Curie, was first isolated by her from pitchblende which came from Trenwith Mine, St Ives.

Today tourists enjoy the wildlife tours from the Dolly P boats and take trips out into the bay and beyond to the lighthouse.

St Ives Magnet To The Rich & Famous
The town has also been an important location in the cultural landscape of Britain. Having been home to some of the worlds greatest artists and sculptors.  Artists such as JMW Turner, Barbara Hepworth, Bernard Leach, Henry Moore, Henry Irving and Whistler have all lived in St Ives. Today the town is world-famous as an art centre with many studios and galleries. The acclaimed Tate St. Ives opened its doors in 1993 and is part of the Tate Gallery in London.

Tourism has become the main industry of St Ives.  Now one of the most popular holiday resorts in Europe, the town caters to tens of thousands of visitors each week during the summer period, many enjoying the stunningly blue/green ocean and the rocky cliffs of the coastline on our ever-popular St Ives boat trips and sea safaris.

See St Ives Cornwall By Boat

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to see the village and the surrounding attractions is by boat.
Book a boat trip on the Dolly P.


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